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July 16, 2015

Ore. Alleges Misconduct by Defunct Veterans Group's Lawyer

The attorney for a veterans' charity that was shut down by Oregon Department of Justice last year is now facing an ethics complaint for allegedly collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the group for his own political and business activities, The Oregonian reports.

The rare "bar complaint" charges Kevin Mannix, a Republican activist and 2002 gubernatorial candidate, with professional misconduct in his relationship with the Oregon War Veterans Association. The department sued the association in 2011, contending it gave little to veterans while enriching its founder, Gregory Warnock. The state won a court judgment last year that dissolved the charity and ordered Mr. Warnock to pay $746,000 in restitution.

According to the new complaint, the association steered $1.1 million to Mr. Mannix for purposes unrelated to his legal services, including $505,000 to start a think tank and $110,000 to pay campaign debts. Mr. Mannix said the complaint was politically motivated, stating, "Being an attorney and a conservative raises the hackles of some people."