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August 20, 2015

Ousted Head of Fla. Nonprofit Fires Back Over Dismissal

The former CEO of a Florida cancer charity who was fired earlier this month amid allegations that he used a business arrangement to draw money from a subsidiary of the group has filed a lawsuit claiming his former employer owes him more than $300,000 in wages and benefits, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune writes.

Carl Ritter also launched two new fundraising organizations within days of taking court action last week against the Sarasota-based Center for Building Hope.

Mr. Ritter and the center came under scrutiny in June when the Herald-Tribune reported that his salary had nearly tripled to $335,000 in recent years while the charity's deficits soared and it struggled to repay loans and cover employees' retirement payments. His firing followed revelations that he set up a separate company that charged a 16-percent fee for processing credit card transactions for Brides Against Breast Cancer, an arm of the Center for Building Hope, according to the newspaper.

Neither Mr. Ritter nor his lawyer could be reached for comment, but in his suit he contends that his ouster cost him "substantial loss of business reputation and goodwill in the community." One of new groups, Funding Partners, says on its website that it raises "funds for nonprofit organizations by operating small events through a large network of partners across the country" and it appears to operate similarly to Brides Against Breast Cancer.