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October 31, 2008

Oxfam Denounces a Controversial Supporter

The international poverty relief organization Oxfam has denounced a diamond mogul who was involved in the creation of a photo book featuring celebrities, which was designed to raise money for the charity, reports The Jewish Daily Forward.

The actresses Mary-Kate Olson, Susan Sarandon, Kate Hudson, and others agreed to be photographed for a coffee table book, the proceeds of which would benefit Oxfam.

But in the photos, the celebrities are wearing diamonds provided by Lev Leviev, a controversial billionaire who has been involved in housing construction for Jewish settlers on the West Bank. Mr. Leviev’s relationship with the Angolan government, where his diamond mines are located, has also been criticized.

Oxfam has put a statement on its Web site critical of Mr. Leviev, reports the newspaper.