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November 19, 2015

Oxfam's Location-Based Mobile Ads Target Holiday Shoppers

Oxfam America will use location-based mobile advertisements this holiday season to tap potential donors as they shop, writes The Wall Street Journal. The aid charity is working with mobile-ad firm xAd, with which it partnered in May on a campaign to raise money for victims of the Nepal earthquakes.

The "Unwrapped" holiday appeal utilizes xAd's audience-targeting capabilities to home in on consumers in key markets who are heavy mobile users and have shown a propensity to give or volunteer. Such consumers may receive messages highlighting donation opportunities when they are near an Oxfam billboard or shopping at a mall or high-end grocery store.

"A lot of marketers are leveraging the ability to identify key moments in real time where consumers are more likely to be in the mind-set for an ad or the messaging in a campaign," said Monica Ho, xAd's chief marketing officer. "In the case of Oxfam, we’re reaching consumers when they’re in the mind-set of giving."