September 22, 2014

Pay Gaps Persist Between Men and Women in Top Nonprofit Jobs

Though women continue to make gains in closing the pay gap with men in senior positions at nonprofit organizations, their progress has been slow, especially at the biggest groups, according to data gathered by GuideStar.

At the very biggest groups—those with budgets of $50-million or more—the share of women who hold leadership roles has stayed flat over the past decade: Only 17 percent of nonprofits that size were led by women in 2012, according to GuideStar figures, up only 1 percentage point a decade earlier.

The following charts offer a glimpse at how men and women in senior positions at nonprofits are being paid. The charts show overall median salaries at organizations of different budget sizes for four key positions: the chief executive, and the top fundraising, finance, and other key administrative positions.

The 2012 data, the most recent year for which comprehensive information is available, also include median salary figures for men and women who held those jobs and the pay ranges from the 10th to the 90th percentile over all for those roles.