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August 08, 2016

Pro-Trump Super PAC’s New Ad Targets Clinton Foundation

A super PAC supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released an attack ad Sunday claiming that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton has gotten rich on the back of her family’s charity network, The Hill and PolitiFact write. Rebuilding America Now said the 30-second spot will air nationally before being targeted to battleground states Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina.

In the ad, a narrator states that after Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House, “a foundation was created and money started to roll. Speeches, connections, and donations.” The spot implies that as a result of the Clinton Foundation’s dealings with “misogynistic regimes, Wall Street insiders, [and] corrupt dictators,” the family is “now worth in excess of $100 million.”

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said the Democratic nominee and her family take no salary from the foundation and that, unlike Mr. Trump, she has released tax returns disclosing her income. PolitiFact, which fact-checks candidates’ statements and campaign ads, rated the ad “Mostly False,” saying it far overstates the highest documented estimates of the Clintons’ wealth and does not say how the $2 billion the foundation has raised has enriched the couple personally.