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November 10, 2014

Quarantines Lead Health Workers to Rethink Ebola Aid Trips

Potential Ebola volunteers are reassessing whether to travel to West Africa to join the fight against the epidemic as more states impose quarantines on medical workers returning from the crisis zone, according to the Associated Press. Aid groups recruiting volunteers to stem the spread of the disease are seeking six-week commitments, and several states are requiring or requesting that Ebola workers be isolated for three weeks after coming home.

Potential volunteers are also wary of being seen upon return as possible disease carriers. "People are afraid what will happen when their kid goes back to school, what their family will think," said Dr. Joia Mukherjee, chief medical officer for Partners in Health.

While they have criticized quarantine policies, aid groups active in West Africa say they are sensitive to public fears of Ebola, with some urging returning health workers not to see patients for three weeks and offering volunteers bonuses in recognition of the hardship.