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March 24, 2015

'Race Together' Spotlights Starbucks CEO's Brand of Activism

The Wall Street Journal looks at Starbucks boss Howard Schultz’s sometimes controversial penchant for injecting social activism into his leadership of the giant coffee chain. The article comes after the firm backpedaled somewhat on an effort to spark a broad public conversation about race relations by putting the slogan “Race Together” on cups.

Through direct giving, public comments, and company programs, Mr. Schultz has promoted voluntarism, small-business lending, and aid for veterans and taken stands on a number of social issues, including affordable health care and gun rights. Some critics said the “Race Together” effort went too far by requiring Starbucks baristas to engage with consumers on a sensitive topic, and on Sunday the firm said it would no longer order employees to write or sticker the phrase on cups handed to customers.

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