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August 15, 2014

Rauschenberg Fund Appeals $24.6-Million Award to Trustees

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is challenging a Florida's judge's ruling that awarded $24.6-million in fees to the three trustees who administered the late artist's estate, writes The New York Times.

The foundation said in a statement that the appeal, filed Wednesday, reflected its "commitment to protecting Robert Rauschenberg's legacy and the ability of the foundation to do its work." The move extends the legal feud between the organization and Bill Goldston, Bennet Grutman, and Darryl Pottorf, friends and business associates of Mr. Rauschenberg whom the artist charged with managing his estate.

A circuit court judge in Florida, where Mr. Rauschenberg owned land and other assets, said in an August 1 ruling that the three men did an "exemplary job," significantly boosting the estate's value after his death in 2008. The trustees initially sought $60-million in fees, prompting a lawsuit by the foundation, which valued their work at $375,000.