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August 14, 2015

Recovering Economy Not Stemming Demand at U.S. Food Banks

Food charities continue to see rising demand for their services despite the growing economy, leaving many organizations struggling to secure sufficient supplies, the Associated Press writes. Feeding America, the biggest U.S. food-bank network, said its members expect to give away 4 billion pounds of groceries this year, up from 3.8 billion in 2013, and food pantries across the country report shortages and long lines.

James Ziliak, founder of the University of Kentucky's Center for Poverty Research, said that while the economy is growing and the jobless rate has dropped from 10 percent during the recession to 5.3 percent last month, much of the employment gain comes from part-time and low-paying jobs that leave many people still struggling to pay their bills. He said the removal of nearly 2.5 million people from food stamp rolls since the recession could also be a factor in rising food-bank demand.