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February 13, 2015

Red Cross Volunteers Face Attacks at Ebola Victims' Burials

Red Cross aid workers assigned to safely bury people killed by Ebola in Guinea are being regularly attacked by people attending the funerals, Reuters and The New York Times write. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said Thursday that burial teams in the West African country have been attacked verbally or physically an average of 10 times a month since March.

Because Ebola victims' corpses are highly contagious, they are buried without traditional rituals that can involve extensive contact with the dead, firing tensions at funerals. On Sunday two Red Cross volunteers were beaten at a funeral while trying to draw blood from a deceased woman for testing. "As long as people have misconceptions about how Ebola is spread, and continue to prevent volunteers from doing their work, we will not stop the disease," said Youssouf Traore, president of the Guinean Red Cross.