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July 17, 2015

Report: Afghanistan Most Dangerous Country for Aid Workers

Afghanistan remains the most perilous place in the world for relief charities to operate, with more than quarter of attacks on aid workers last year taking place in the country, the Thomson Reuters Foundation writes, citing a study by consulting group Humanitarian Outcomes.

Over all, there were 190 attacks on aid operations in 27 countries in 2014, a 30-percent decline from the year before, when Afghanistan was also the most common site of violence against aid staff.

The violence affected 329 humanitarian workers, including 120 killed and 121 kidnapped, according to the upcoming Aid Worker Security Report 2015. Last year's decline "says more about the spike in 2013 than about the conditions for aid workers getting any safer," co-author Abby Stoddard said. The numbers are driven by a handful of volatile conflict zones, with nearly two-thirds of attacks taking place in just five countries: Afghanistan, Syria, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and Pakistan.