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June 14, 2016

Review Clears Flint Mayor Accused of Diverting Donations

A lawyer commissioned by Flint, Mich., to investigate a claim that Mayor Karen Weaver streered contributions to aid victims of the city's water crisis to a political fund found no ethical violations, Reuters reports. Attorney Brendon Basiga said bank statements from two of Ms. Weaver's campaign accounts had no suspicious deposits.

Mr. Basiga, a criminal defense lawyer, was brought in after Natasha Henderson, a former city administrator, sued Flint in May, alleging that she was fired for reporting that Ms. Weaver told staff members to route gifts to a water-crisis charity to her political action committee. The mayor denied any wrongdoing.

Mr. Basiga said Ms. Weaver told him she did not know where the donations went and that city employees he interviewed denied any unethical conduct had taken place. A lawyer for Ms. Henderson said she will continue to pursue her whistleblower suit.