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February 16, 2016

Rights Group Pins Syria Charity-Hospital Bombing on Russia

Medical centers supported by international aid agencies in battleground areas of northern Syria were hit by missiles Monday in attacks the United Nations said killed at least 50 people, Reuters and The New York Times report.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British activist group, said Russian warplanes targeted a hospital that worked with Doctors Without Borders in Idlib province, killing seven people, the Associated Press writes. The medical charity blamed the attack on Russian or Syrian government forces, Reuters reports. A Kremlin spokesman denied that Russia was responsible.

Two hospitals supported by Unicef were also struck in bombing, which came amid intense fighting as government, Russian, and Kurdish forces push into areas held by Syrian rebels. Doctors Without Borders has called for an international investigation of the bombing in October of a hospital it operated in Afghanistan, which was hit by U.S. warplanes.