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March 11, 2011

Rising Gas Prices Worry Charities

As the cost of gas increases, nonprofits that provide transportation or services for needy people are wondering if the escalating prices will force them to reduce their budgets.

In Indiana, nonprofits are concerned that gas will hit $4 per gallon while donations decrease, the Associated Press reports.

Catherine Moran, executive director of The Center@Jenks Rest, which transports older and disabled people to activities across the Lafayette area, says it may have to make cuts if the price exceeds $4 a gallon.

Antihunger groups in Maine have already made cuts, reports WMTW.

Larry Gross, executive director of the Southern Maine Agency on Aging, says that his organization has had to reduce its meal deliveries due to fuel prices as well as fewer donations and volunteers.

In the past, it delivered meals every weekday, but now the group delivers two meals on Tuesdays, so it doesn't have to do so on Wednesdays.  "That saved us about $18,000 a year just in mileage reimbursements for volunteers," says Mr. Gross.