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July 31, 2014

S.F. Council Backs Bigger Wage Hike for Nonprofit Workers

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a resolution Tuesday to bring pay increases at charities that do work for the city into line with raises for government employees and for-profit contractors, Mission Local reports.

The 7-4 vote allocates up to $3.4-million more for nonprofit contractors to cover a 2.25-percent pay hike, matching the figure for commercial and public-sector staffs. The previously approved city budget set nonprofit raises at 1.5 percent, triggering protests from charity workers whose pay has barely budged in recent years as San Francisco living costs spiked.

Unlike businesses that contract with the city, nonprofits that provide job training, mental-health programs, and other social services do not have automatic cost-of-doing-business increases built into their contracts, creating a growing wage gap, said Nick Pagoulatos, a legislative aide to Supervisor Eric Mar. The exception for nonprofits "seems like it’s a glaring loophole that we're planning on closing," Mr. Pagoulatos said.