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April 01, 2016

Seattle Charity Says Debt Forcing Shutdown of Shelters

A Seattle homelessness nonprofit said Thursday that it can no longer afford to operate its 15 shelters and will close them indefinitely, displacing more than 250 people, The Seattle Times and local weekly The Stranger report. The Seattle Housing and Resource Effort, known as Share, said it is some $70,000 in the red and needs additional city and King County funding to maintain shelter services.

Share, which is managed by people who use its services, and an allied organization, Wheel, have a city contract for nearly $611,000 that a city housing official said is sufficient to provide overnight shelter for 250 people a night for a full year. The official termed the closures an "advocacy move." Share leaders said the charity aids more than 250 people a night and provides services beyond shelter that boost its costs well above the city funding.