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August 04, 2015

Senate Blocks Bill to Strip Planned Parenthood of Federal Funds

The Senate on Monday voted to block a bill that would eliminate funding from Planned Parenthood, which has been under fire from Republicans and anti-abortion activists in recent weeks, The New York Times reports. Democrats blocked the bill, though the issue will be back in the spotlight when Congress returns from its summer recess.

A series of undercover videos showing officials discussing the costs of preserving aborted fetal organs for medical research were released beginning in mid July. The group behind the videos, the Center for Medical Progress, alleges that the national women's health group is illegally selling and profiting from fetal parts, which Planned Parenthood denies. A House committee is investigating the organization.

Cecile Richards, the group's president, defended her organization, saying:  “There hasn’t been a moment in our history, when we were pushing forward on reproductive health-care rights and access for women, that someone wasn’t after us."