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July 25, 2014

Senate Contender Puts Down Opponent's Nonprofit Background

A Georgia Republican Senate candidate took a swipe at his opponent's credentials as a longtime nonprofit professional, the Huffington Post reports.

David Perdue won the Republican primary earlier this week and now faces Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn in the general election in November. Ms. Nunn is the former head of Points of Light, an organization founded under former President George H.W. Bush that coordinates and connects volunteers and causes.

"Now you've got two outsiders talking about Washington, and now you get down to the issues," said Mr. Perdue, former CEO of the Dollar General store chain. "Let's talk about debt, the economy and jobs and who brings more value to that debate. Someone who has been running a philanthropy for 15 years or whatever, or someone who has been out here, not to go bragging, competing in the real world?"