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August 06, 2015

Senate Report Says Mismanagement Led to IRS Missteps on Nonprofits

The Senate Finance Committee released a report Wednesday in which it concluded, after a two-year investigation, that mismanagement within the IRS led the agency to single out certain conservative social-welfare groups for greater scrutiny, The New York Times reports.

The investigation did not find that the IRS broke any laws, but Republicans and Democrats came to slightly different conclusions on whether the agency's action on nonprofits was politically motivated. The committee's Republican chair said there was "no evidence of political interference," while the committee's senior Democrat said organizations on both sides of the political spectrum were singled out.

The IRS was accused two years ago of targeting Tea Party-affiliated political groups for more aggressive scrutiny on tax-exempt status. Since then, the agency and its head of the nonprofit unit at the time, Lois Lerner, have been continuously the subject of congressional attention. Though Ms. Lerner twice refused to testify before Congress, the Justice Department said earlier this year it would not pursue criminal contempt charges against her.