April 23, 2014

Show Your Impact Through Online Storytelling


Nonprofits like Aiesec Canada, a group that connects students with global internships, share compelling stories and visuals online to attract young supporters.

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In this episode of Fundraising Fundamentals, two nonprofit experts share why strong digital storytelling is key to attracting donors, especially millennials.

While you can share the outcomes of your programs through data, donors feel a closer emotional connection when you share the impact of your work through the personal stories of people your group has helped.

And to make sure your stories are heard, it's important to share them through multiple channels online.


Gordon Ching, national vice president, marketing and communications at Aiesec Canada

Taylor Corrado, head of nonprofit and education marketing at HubSpot.

Tony Martignetti, a consultant, author, blogger, and host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, talks with nonprofit leaders and consultants about how organizations can more effectively raise money, build better relationships with boards and supporters, and manage volunteers. Look for new installments once a month.