January 23, 2013

Shrewd and Simple Approaches to Social Media

Stick to Your Group's Key Message

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If your nonprofit wants to get more of its social networks, it should consider doing less.

Such advice might seem counterintuitive, but Kivi Leroux Miller, a nonprofit marketing consultant, says many organizations clutter their social networks with unnecessary information. As a result, they are often broadcasting messages that are inconsistent with what they want to accomplish.

Ms. Miller suggests that nonprofits that want to expand their presence should become more focused in sending messages. Instead of trying to say too much, groups that want to be known for a certain idea should be disciplined and post only messages that relate to that issue.

"That means sort of limiting yourself about what you are going to talk about and putting some focus and attention into those topics," she says.

But that doesn't mean cutting and pasting the same messages on several networks. Ms. Miller advises groups to take time to customize messages to appeal to different types of readers.

In this episode of Social Good, Ms. Miller outlines simple approaches to improving your organization's social media presence.

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