May 04, 2010

Sleeping With the Cellphone: The 20-Something Donor

Are people in their 20s really that much different from their older peers?

A recent study by Convio, Edge Research, and Sea Change Strategies shows that this emerging generation of donors gets involved with charities in a decidedly new-media way.

An article in this week's Chronicle shows how nonprofit groups are changing their fund-raising strategies to appeal to donors in their 20s and offers tips for how to connect with Generation Y.

Before proceeding with social-media plans, fund raisers and others should  look at the statistics here, which provide some food for thought for those who are trying to decide whether social media is worth their time.

While we've pointed in previous posts to the notion that social-media sites like Twitter and Facebook are not raising huge pots of money for most groups, it is also worth noting that nonprofit organizations neglect Twitter, Facebook, text messaging, and other social channels at their own peril.

If they fail to use these channels now, they could be losing out building relationships with this emerging generation of supporters.