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November 08, 2012

Small Foundations Kept Giving Up in Lean Years, Report Says

Private foundations with assets of less than $50-million increased grant-making in real-dollar terms the past four years and gave more than double the federal minimum required, despite declines in their endowments, says Reuters, summarizing a study released Thursday by the Foundation Source. The smaller groups, which account for 98 percent of U.S. foundations, increased giving by 4.5 percent from 2008 through 2011 and put 11.6 percent of their assets toward grants and other charitable expenses.

The survey was based on actual transactions over the four years by more than 500 clients of Foundation Source, which provides office and administrative services to small foundations. The study also found more organizations turning to alternative investments in recent years, from 38 percent of the groups surveyed in 2008 to almost half last year.