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November 16, 2015

Small NYC Parks Gain $15-Million Boost From Conservancies

Eight of the largest nonprofits supporting New York City parks will donate expertise, staff time, and cash to improve smaller parks under an agreement with Mayor Bill de Blasio's office, reports The New York Times.

The deal, valued at $15 million, complements a $285-million City Hall effort launched last year to steer resources into rebuilding and renovating scores of green spaces and recreation areas in low-income communities. The Central Park Conservancy, Friends of the High Line, and the Prospect Park Alliance are among the major park groups that signed on to the pact, which runs through 2018.

During his mayoral campaign Mr. de Blasio voiced support for legislation to require flush conservancies to spread their money to underfunded neighborhood parks, but he backed off the proposal after taking office in January 2014. Announcing the new agreement Thursday, he credited that proposal with starting a "critical conversation around how to better maintain and improve smaller parks in less wealthy neighborhoods."