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July 22, 2013

Some Livestrong Donors Planning Suit to Get Money Back

A group of contributors to the Livestrong Foundation is preparing to sue the cancer charity formerly associated with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong in an effort to recoup donations, according to CBS News.

In a segment of the network's Sunday Morning program about the charity's future after Mr. Armstrong's admission of doping, Michael Birdsong, a former Livestrong supporter and volunteer who is involved with the potential suit, said he was not aware when he gave $50,000 to Livestrong that it had largely stopped supporting cancer research.

He also raised concerns about what he said was Livestrong spending associated with Mr. Armstrong's former racing career and its leasing of its name to a for-profit company.

Livestrong says Mr. Birdsong was acquainted with the charity's mission when he got involved. Spokeswoman Katherine McLane said it is "a little frustrating" that the foundation, which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for programs to aid cancer survivors, is widely misperceived as a research organization.