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May 04, 2015

Spotlight Again Falls on Giustra's Clinton Foundation Ties

The Washington Post examines the friendship between Bill Clinton and mining executive Frank Giustra, whose financial support of the Clinton Foundation while pursuing global business deals has drawn heightened attention with Hillary Clinton's entry into the presidential race.

The ties between the former president and the Canadian mogul, who has given the foundation more than $100 million, have long been the subject of media scrutiny. The spotlight was renewed with the revelation last month that a business partner of Mr. Giustra who sought federal approval for a mine sale during Ms. Clinton's tenure as secretary of state gave $2.35 million to a Canada-based Clinton Foundation offshoot that, unlike the foundation itself, makes no donor disclosure.

Mr. Clinton has used a private jet supplied by Mr. Giustra for foundation business 26 times since the two men met in 2005, according to the Post. Ms. Clinton's campaign has been dogged by questions about the charity's fundraising from foreign governments and companies and whether such donors seek to benefit from the family's political clout.

Granting the Post a rare interview, Mr. Giustra said his friendship with the former president is based on shared personal and philanthropic interests and is unrelated to his business. "I have one very specific reason I have a relationship with Bill Clinton: I admire what he does, and I want to be part of it," Mr. Giustra said. "But I’ve never asked him for a damn thing."