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August 14, 2014

Study: Big U.K. Firms' Giving Has Nearly Doubled Since Crash

Britain's 100 biggest publicly traded companies donated nearly $4.2-billion in 2012, compared to about $2.2-billion in 2007, but polling by a nonprofit umbrella group found that the public believes corporations to be less generous than they are, the Financial Times reports.

Giving by firms listed in the FTSE 100 blue-chip index has grown faster than revenues and increased in each year through the financial crisis, save for a slight dip in 2011, according to research by the Charities Aid Foundation. The median corporate gift rose from $1.84-million in 2007 to $5-million in 2012, and 98 of the 100 firms made donations in a typical year.

A foundation survey found a wide gap between corporate giving and perceptions about it, with the public believing big companies donate less than they do, mistaking which business sectors give the most, and widely viewing corporate charity to be a public-relations exercise.