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February 04, 2016

Super Bowl 50 a Boon for Dozens of Bay Area Charities

While San Francisco has drawn criticism from Bay Area activists for spending $5 million on Super Bowl-related festivities, event organizers are touting the 50th edition of the big game as the most philanthropic ever, with dozens of local nonprofits set to share $12 million in grants, tech-news site Mashable and Forbes write.

The Super Bowl Host Committee is chaired by Daniel Lurie, CEO of antipoverty group Tipping Point Community and a major figure on the Bay Area nonprofit scene. The 50 Fund, the committee's philanthropy arm, has given or will give money to more than 50 groups focusing on youths, education, poverty, equality, and other causes.

While the NFL championship game will be played in nearby Santa Clara, San Francisco — long embroiled in a fierce civic debate over economic inequality fueled by tech wealth — is the main staging ground for tourist-focused activities. "I'm all for people debating the merits" of spending public funds on the events, Mr. Lurie said. "But I think the issue we've had is that there are reports that only talk about the costs and don't mention any of the benefits to the city."

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