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October 02, 2011

Tax Policy and Giving: A Collection of Key Studies

For decades, scholars have been researching the relationship between tax policy and charitable giving. Here are key studies on the topic.

Academic Studies

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Think Tank/Consultant Studies

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Government Studies

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1999. Ralph Bradley, Steven Holden, and Robert McClelland, "A Robust Estimation of the Effects of Taxation on Charitable Contributions.

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International Studies

Canada, 2004. Alexander Gelardi, "Charitable Giving and the Superdeduction: An Investigation of Taxpayer Philanthropic Behavior Following the Move From a Tax Deduction to a Tax Credit System." Chapter in Advances in Taxation, Volume 16, Emerald Group Publishing.

France. American Economic Journal, 2010. Gabrielle Fack and Camille Landais,  "Are Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving Efficient? Evidence From France."

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United Kingdom, 2010. Kim Scharf and Sarah Smith, Institute for Fiscal Studies, "The Price Elasticity of Charitable Giving: Does the Form of Tax Relief Matter?"


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