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January 04, 2013

Teach for America Sees Bump in Business-School Applicants

Teach for America, the national nonprofit that recruits high-achieving college graduates to spend two years teaching in poor school districts, is seeing greater interest from business and finance students as Wall Street hiring remains weak, The New York Times writes.

The organization's 5,800-strong class of 2012 includes about 400 business and economics majors, some of them deferring positions with finance firms. Teach for America has seen an overall boom in applications since the financial crisis hit, drawing some 48,000 submissions last year, double the 2008 total.

In its 22 years, Teach for America has "gotten even better at how they recruit students, while the financial services industry has slowed down and experienced negative publicity in the media," said Monica Wilson, of the office of career services at Dartmouth College.