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May 14, 2015

Tech Investors Back Nonprofit Aiding Low-Income Students

A Silicon Valley-supported education nonprofit is connecting disadvantaged students with opportunities to attend top colleges, The Wall Street Journal writes.

Prominent venture capitalists and tech executives such as LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman have been quietly financing QuestBridge, a 12-year-old organization that helps place some 2,000 low-income students a year at schools like Yale and Stanford.

Participating schools pay a fee for QuestBridge's list of gifted, disadvantaged applicants, compiled in large part by a network of recruiters, including high-school counselors. Tech backers say the nonprofit is helping build a deeper pool of skilled employees, especially in fields that place a premium on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. "I am attracted to organizations with potential massive scale, disruptive potential, and sustainability," Mr. Hoffman said. "QuestBridge has all three of these features."