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December 17, 2014

Tech Mogul Parker Donates $25-Million for Allergy Research

Billionaire technology investor Sean Parker is giving Stanford University $25-million to establish an institute to seek allergy cures, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The former Facebook president and co-founder of music-sharing service Napster suffers from food allergies and asthma and said he has been hospitalized 14 times in the past four years for severe reactions.

The Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research will aim to find cures for allergy sufferers that can be effected in one or two treatments. "It’s not just enough to come up with slightly better incremental improvements on the kind of treatments that are out there. The goal is to achieve a cure," he said. The center will be led by Kari Nadeau, an associate professor of allergies and immunology at Stanford's medical school, who expects to begin clinical trials early next year.