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August 11, 2016

Tex. Women’s-Health Program Funds Pro-Life Activist’s Group

A Round Rock, Tex., nonprofit that offers no direct health services and is headed by an antiabortion advocate, has received one of the biggest grants under the state’s new program to subsidize family planning and health services for low-income women, the Austin American-Statesman writes.

The Heidi Group got $1.6 million, the second-largest award among 31 local health departments, medical schools, hospitals, community clinics, and nonprofits supported by Healthy Texas Women. The program replaced a prior women’s health effort under which a large share of services were provided by Planned Parenthood clinics, to which the state cut off funding in 2011.

Heidi Group founder Carol Everett is a former abortion provider who now testifies regularly at state hearings in favor of tighter abortion restrictions. She said the nonprofit will disburse the state money to 25 clinics across Texas to provide the services required by Healthy Texas Women, which include contraception and health screenings, and that she will not interject her views into the state-funded work.