January 05, 2015

The Hottest Fundraising Tactics and Trends of the Last Year


Nonprofits Find New Donors With Databases That Track ConnectionsPremium Link

New technology is formalizing and making easier the process of uncovering hidden connections between the charity’s network and prospective donors.

Online Quizzes, Ringtones, and Apps Aid in the Hunt for New DonorsPremium Link

To get a step ahead of the competition, charities use unconventional techniques to get names and addresses of people who might want to give.

After Early Stumble, Penn State Offers Lessons for Fundraising in Crisis

Aggressive efforts to keep donors loyal and leadership stable helped keep big gifts coming even after a scandal that rocked the university.

A Digital Innovation Team Sends Donations Soaring at Sierra ClubPremium Link

A three-person unit tests and refines the group's email and social-networking formats.

Charities Offer New Tools to Help Supporters Raise Money OnlinePremium Link

A growing number of groups are creating fundraising platforms that make it easy for people to attract donations from friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Fundraisers Reap Millions by Using Data 'Gold Mine’Premium Link

Nonprofits are stepping up their powerful analytical techniques to make smarter fundraising decisions and increase donations.

From Billboards to Bus Shelters to Email, Charities Try One MessagePremium Link

A growing number of charities are connecting separate strands of fundraising into unified campaigns and getting strong financial results.

Analyzing Fundraisers’ Personalities Can Help Them Click With DonorsPremium Link

Charities are getting more precise about matching a donor's style to the person who makes a pitch.

More Charities Are Bringing In More Money With Help of Entire StaffPremium Link

More charities are getting employees, board members, clients, and volunteers to pitch in to solicit donors.

Nonprofits Shift Focus From Chasing New Donors to Building LoyaltyPremium Link

The share of first-time donors who give again is dropping precipitously, forcing many charities to think of supporters more like customers who need careful attention.

Master’s Programs in Fundraising Are Helping Students Meet Job DemandsPremium Link

A growing number of programs are serving people who are just getting started as well as those in midcareer.

For Fundraisers, an MBA Offers Benefits but No Career GuaranteesPremium Link

Employers say they are often more concerned with direct fundraising skills, like the ability to build ties with big donors.

Fundraising 'Arms Race’ Triggers Big Pay DealsPremium Link

A new Chronicle study finds that at least 30 charity fundraisers make more than $500,000 and some have crossed the seven-figure threshold.

Special report: Great Fundraisers

At a time when it takes a median of six months to fill development jobs, nonprofits are looking in unexpected places for great talent.