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January 26, 2015

Top Boston-Area Culture Posts Often Come With Big Perks

Many leaders of major arts and cultural institutions in the Boston region receive housing allowances, mortgage assistance, retention bonuses, reimbursement for their children's college tuition, and other perks as part of pay packages that range close to $1-million, according to The Boston Globe.

Club dues and free travel for spouses are also among executive benefits the newspaper found in reviewing museum and symphony tax returns. Board members for prominent arts groups said such perks are necessary to attract and keep top talent.

Boston University lecturer Elizabeth Keating, a specialist in nonprofit finance, said the competition for high-profile arts jobs creates an amping-up effect similar to that in the for-profit world. "It’s sort of become the game you play in the corporate setting: If you really want me, I'm going to get you to put as much on the table as you're willing to put," she said.