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December 14, 2015

Trump Foundation Reduces Giving

Donald Trump has not made a contribution to his charitable foundation in several years, and the organization's grant making last year was its lowest since 2003, reports the New York Post. The billionaire businessman, who is leading in national polls for the Republican presidential nomination, last contributed to the Donald J. Trump Foundation in 2008, when he gave $35,000.

The fund, which reports assets of $1.2 million, disbursed $500,000 in 2014, down 35 percent from the year before. The gifts included $50,000 to the private school attended by Mr. Trump's 9-year-old son and $100,000 to Citizens United, the advocacy group behind the 2010 Supreme Court case that lifted limits on political spending by unions and corporations — a ruling Mr. Trump has criticized. He says he has given $102 million of his own money to charity in the last five years but has not released his personal tax returns to document the gifts.