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August 19, 2016

Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ Charity Pledges Were Paid by Others

Donald Trump made more than 20 on-air promises to donate his own money to charities backed by contestants on The Celebrity Apprentice, but there is no evidence he personally fulfilled any of them, according to The Washington Post.

Reviewing all seven seasons of the NBC reality show, Post reporters found that Mr. Trump made 21 such offers, totaling $464,000, sometimes saying the money was coming “out of my wallet” or “out of my own account.”  In the 18 instances in which the newspaper could confirm provenance, it found that the money came from NBC, the show’s production company, or the Donald J. Trump Foundation, to which the Republican presidential nominee has not donated his own money since 2008.

The article is the latest in a series of Post efforts to investigate claims by Mr. Trump and his campaign that he has given millions of his own dollars to charity. The candidate has refused to release his tax returns, which would detail any donations. The Post has relied in its reporting on contacting more than 250 nonprofits that have been publicly linked in some way to Mr. Trump.