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February 07, 2013

Twombly Foundation Director Seeks Court Help on Board Feud

A Delaware judge has been asked to settle a bitter split among the four directors of a foundation established by the late artist Cy Twombly, says The New York Times.

Board member Ralph Lerner filed papers at Wilmington Chancery Court last week seeking appointment of a custodian to break the "ongoing deadlock" arising from allegations that the foundation's treasurer, Thomas Saliba, has been paying himself unauthorized fees.

Mr. Lerner has sided with Mr. Saliba against foundation President Nicola del Roscio and the fourth director, Julie Sylvester, a museum curator. His complaint urges that Alessandro Twombly, the artist's son, be named to the board.

David R. Baum, a lawyer for the foundation, said Mr. Lerner knew of the alleged payments to Mr. Saliba and called the court filing "an unwise and unfortunate attempt to obstruct disciplinary action."