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September 10, 2015

UConn Foundation to Tap Students' Parents, Hospital Patients

The University of Connecticut's nonprofit fundraising affiliate will pursue greater giving from current students' families and UConn Health Center patients, the Associated Press reports. The UConn Foundation is looking to open new donor channels as it works to build the institution's endowment from $390 million to $1 billion.

Foundation President Joshua Newton said some people facing large medical or tuition bills may resent being asked to donate but that others will respond positively because the university is an important cause to them. Patients at Emory University Hospital are a major source of donations at the Atlanta university, where Mr. Newton previously worked.

Claire Gaudiani, a professor of philanthropy at New York University, said many universities look to tap patients and parents, noting, "Both are very grateful groups of people because of what the institution has done in terms of educating their children or in addressing their health issues."