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September 23, 2014

U.K. Man's Giveaway of $26-Million Fortune Ends Marriage

A British multimillionaire's decision to plow all his wealth into charity after his wife survived breast cancer destroyed their 30-year marriage, according to U.K. newspaper the Sunday Mirror.

Brian Burnie, who built his fortune launching and running a series of businesses, made headlines in Britain in 2009 when he sold an estate and hotel worth $26-million, auctioned off his family's belongings, and put the money into Daft as a Brush, a nonprofit in northern England that provides free transit for doctor visits and other services for cancer patients.

His ex-wife, Shirley, told the Mirror that her husband devoted all his time as well as all his money to the charity, leading to their divorce in 2012. "I didn’t want to give everything away. We needed a home and an income and we have three children," she said. "It took over his life, becoming more important than anything else to him."