May 09, 2013

Mothers for Good: How an Online Community Champions Good Causes

Anna Kari

A Sierra Leonean mother and baby who benefit from Save the Children programs, one of the groups that Mom Bloggers for Social Good supports.

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When Jennifer James started the Mom Bloggers Club in 2007, she wanted to create an online community for women who were writing about their experiences as mothers.

But as the network grew, Ms. James began to see the club as more than just a gathering place for like-minded moms. She saw it as an opportunity to bring attention to charities that are working to solve problems.

The result was a spinoff group, Mom Bloggers for Social Good, which has attracted 1,000 mothers to use social media and blogs to call attention to issues such as health, education, and hunger.

Since its start in 2012, the network has worked with organizations such as Save the Children, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Unicef. The bloggers use their influence to help raise money and get publicity for nonprofits—and in some cases, they work closely with the groups to tell stories about the people they serve.

In this episode of Social Good, Ms. James explains her organization's growth and how charities can use blogs and social networks to bring attention to causes.

Allison Fine, a nonprofit leader and expert on technology and communications, discusses how charities and foundations can more effectively use social-media tools to spread their messages and raise money. Ms. Fine incorporates suggestions and questions from readers into her podcasts and invites you to e-mail her at Look for new installments on the first Thursday of every month.