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April 19, 2010

Update: Cargill Foundation Embarks on Hiring Spree

The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation has announced that it plans to hire up to 75 staff members and to open its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn., this year, the Associated Press reports.

The announcement follows last month’s report by the online news site, MinnPost, that the foundation has emerged as the biggest charity in Minnesota and the 22nd largest in the country.

The foundation was created just over three years ago, after the death of Ms. Cargill, an heiress to the Cargill food and agricultural company who gave away $200-million but stipulated that her donations remain anonymous until her death. The grant maker's assets stood at $2.12-billion at the end of 2008, surpassing the McKnight Foundation as Minnesota's biggest private grant maker.