January 09, 2014

Using Humor to Inspire a Candid Conversation About Nonprofits

Photo by Leanne Pittsford

Leah Neaderthal

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In this episode of Social Good, Leah Neaderthal, chief marketing officer and co-founder at the nonprofit consulting group Start Somewhere, talks about her blog When You Work at a Nonprofit, which uses short animated images from popular culture as a light way to illustrate blunt observations about the perks and hurdles of working for a nonprofit.

Ms. Neaderthal and her co-founder, Leanne Pittsford, both of whom have worked at nonprofits for years, decided to start the blog after noticing the many similarities in how organizations operate.

"We decided to take some of those and create a space to air those grievances and laugh at ourselves," she says. 

But the blog isn’t just for laughs, says Ms. Neaderthal, who sees it as a “way to spark a thoughtful conversation about what it is truly like to work at a nonprofit.”

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