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July 28, 2014

Video: A Growing Wave of Giving From Small Grant Makers and Individuals

Small foundations and affluent individuals don't get as much attention as grant makers like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and billionaires like Michael Bloomberg.

But they are often involved in successful efforts to promote change in communities nationwide and in federal and global policy, and their influence is growing.

In the video below, Stacy Palmer, editor of The Chronicle, leads a panel discussion at the National Press Club about the role of this key piece of the nonprofit world.

The panel includes:

  • Henry L. Berman, chief executive officer of Exponent Philanthropy, formerly the Association of Small Foundations
  • Emily Tow Jackson, president of the Tow Foundation (Read her opinion article from The Chronicle.)
  • Andrew Hastings, chief development officer at the National Philanthropic Trust

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