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May 18, 2015

Wave of Change Looms for Nonprofits as Boomer CEOs Exit

The nonprofit sector faces a large leadership vacuum as a generation of executives with decades of service gets set to retire, The Boston Globe writes. Nearly a third of regional nonprofit heads surveyed recently by Boston-based Third Sector New England anticipate stepping down within two years, and another third expect to leave within five years, but 60 percent of their organizations lack succession plans.

Many of those stepping aside are baby boomers who came of age in an era of idealism and activism and channeled those values into shaping today's charity sector — often founding organizations with which they are now closely associated, making the decision to go wrenching and leaving boards loath to prepare for change. The trend is viewed as so pervasive that Third Sector New England is offering a course for departing nonprofit executives called "Courage in Leaving."