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July 07, 2015

Web Magazine Shows Charity's Growth as Marketing Tool

Companies engaging more actively in charity outreach are finding it an effective tool to shape their brand, CNBC reports. The article focuses on a digital publication called The Chive, which has gained a large audience of mostly millennial males with its diet of humor videos and photos of scantily clad women but is also involving readers in its philanthropy.

The Resignation Media property, which has annual revenue of more than $10 million, has given away more than $4 million since 2012 via Chive Charities, its "flash charity" group that enlists readers to help support veterans, people with rare illnesses, and other causes. "If you think of The Chive, our identity really is the three H's: hotness, humor, and humanity," said John Resig, the Web magazine's co-founder.

The article notes other corporate projects such as Collectively, a nonprofit online publication for young adults, and Project Sunlight, a media campaign to promote environmentally friendly living, both backed by Unilever. Joy Stephan of social-impact consulting group 20Chairs said that while most firms that give do so without expecting business returns, their efforts increasingly yield marketing gains, especially among younger consumers. "People talk about it and what the company is doing," she said.