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August 03, 2016

Website Offers ‘Reparations’ Exchange to Aid People of Color

A new website is offering a novel way to tackle racial injustice, and a new twist on the debate over how to compensate its victims, by providing a forum for white people to offer everyday services to people of color, reports The Washington Post.

Natasha Marin, an artist in Seattle, launched the Reparations site last month amid the renewed outcry over police killings of black men and the heated racial rhetoric of the presidential campaign. The site invites people of color to request and white people to offer goods and services that have ranged from tarot-card readings to service dogs for veterans.

Ms. Marin said the effort is not about atonement for slavery but about an ongoing, discriminatory political and cultural system. “It’s about reparations for things that happened earlier today, for yesterday, for last Thursday,” she said. The site also raises money for people seeking financial assistance via donations from “Troll Slayers,” who pledge $1 for every negative and racist online response the site draws.