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March 06, 2012

What Donors Really Want From Fundraisers

Tuesday, March 13, at noon U.S. Eastern time

Jim Whitton

Jim Whitton’s training as a fundraiser began with his own experience as a donor. In 1984, at the age of 26, Mr. Whitton, a banker, gave his first $10,000 to the Hunger Project.

Since then, first as a volunteer, and later as the regional director for U.S. funding at the Hunger Project, Mr. Whitton has helped raise more than $15-million for projects that fight poverty in developing countries. He also has given away more than 25 percent of his net worth.

Along the way, he has found inspiration in fundraising and turned his passion about giving and his cause into effective fundraising.

Read the transcript of a live online discussion with Mr. Whitton to learn more about his approach to fundraising. Anne Ellinger, a philanthropist and a co-founder of Bolder Giving, will also be available to take your questions.

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