July 12, 2012

Why Nonprofits Can't Ignore Great Design

Design matters now more than ever. From corporate giants like Apple to start-ups like the travel business Airbnb, organizations that harness beautiful, strategic designs are succeeding in incredible new ways.

But great design isn't just for for-profits. Nonprofits like Charity: Water, ONE International, Product RED, and the World Wildlife Fund have made design central to their work.

These innovative organizations have a profound awareness of the power of design to signal quality, communicate purpose, visualize their impact, and create experiences that inspire and engage audiences, old and new. As attention spans decline, donation options increase, and digital tools proliferate, harnessing design becomes one of the most powerful ways for an organization to amplify its influence.

As you look for ways to use design to advance your cause, I hope Redesigning Good provides an abundance of practical knowledge and gives charities working on good causes greater confidence about their ability to use the latest in cutting-edge design. Please visit often and share your thoughts, ideas, challenges, and successes. I'm looking forward to advancing the discussion about design and good causes with you.

Matthew Scharpnick is the co-founder of Elefint Designs, a strategic design studio that works with good causes.